Join Us for the Shaver Lake
Fireworks Show in 2018

It's been a tradition for severals years that the Shaver Lake community invites friends and neighbors from near and far to enjoy a fireworks show.

That tradition continues. Funds are collected to make sure a fantastic fireworks show happens. These funds are partially generated by hosting an annual Shaver Lake Fundraising Dinner. The next dinner will be held on April 14, 2018. Check here for further details.

Other funds come in the way of donations from those that attend the fireworks show and from those that are non-resident home owners of the extended Shaver Lake community.

Many of you whom have attended in the past have been so kind as to donation to the fireworks fund as well.

This year the show will take place on Saturday, June 30. First there will be the annual Boat Parade that begins around 6 pm with boats starting out from both the Sierra Marina and Shaver Lake Marina and heading toward the middle of the lake.

So mark your calendar and come on up to 5,000' where the summer air is cooler than the San Joaquin Valley floor. Have a picnic. Go boating. Catch a fish. Fly a kite. Buy a pizza. Go out to dinner. But be around the lake for the show that will begin just after dusk.

Click on the PayPal button below to make a donation. For more information call (559) 841-3350.

Line the banks of Shaver Lake and watch the stream of fireworks in the sky.
Spend the weekend at the lake and then watch the fireworks show.
Watching the fireworks display after seeing the boat parade is cool.