Join Us in Helping to Protect
and Promote the Shaver Lake Region


The Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau offers the community access to the vital tools we utilize to meet our mission. These vital tools are:


Recreational Activities:
We direct parties interested in Shaver Lake Region activities to Here they will find a complete list of activities to be found in the region. We receive requests for such informational requests on a daily basis from email, phone and on the website.

Business Services Directory:
We direct parties interested in Shaver Lake Region businesses to, where they will find a comprehensive Business Servuce Directory. We receive requests for such informational requests on a daily basis from email, phone and on the website. Member businesses get a free ad with a web link in all their listings.

We work with parties interested in holding an event in the Shaver Lake Region by assisting them in locating a sponsor(s). We provide promotion to help market the event and by givinging them a guideline on "How to Successfully Plan, Manage and Hold an Event".

Marketing: We bring customers and clients to the Shaver Lake Region by placing advertisements in magazines and/or newspapers, developing brochures, using Facebook and Instagram, maps, and inviting media representatives to visit the region for an upclose view of what we have to offer.

Visitor Service:
We encourage regional businesses to offer area visitors information and a compelling reason to stay in the Shaver Lake Region. Any business wishing to provide space for brochures, flyers and other promotional materials will be given such materials. Visitor service is your critical and personal link to visitors that consistently become our friends, our customers and our economic life line in building any business and our community.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with other members and jointly work to bring visitors to the Shaver Lake Region. You are incouraged to meet other members by attending our monthly meetings.

Community Service:
Your contribution of skills, knowledge and time are an important component of our program. Your ideas, relationships and spirit to contribute to a greater cause are what bring value to our community. Working together, we can make difference in the public's perception of the Shaver Lake Region.

Monthly Meetings:
Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6:0 p.m., at the Shaver Lake Village Hotel. These meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend. Opportunity is given for public comments from members or the general public.

Contact Us:
Please feel free to call us at your convenience should you have any questions at 559-841-3350 or you may reach us via Email. We look forward to joining us a valued member of the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau. Join Us Now!

Where Do Your Membership Dollars Go?

The community leaders behind the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau need financial support to help fulfill their Mission Statement and reach their goals of promoting the Shaver Lake Region. Funds are needed to support this website, create other promotional materials such as brochures, maps, banners, flyers and direct mail campaigns. Telephone service and stamps cost money.

It is important to place advertisements in regional and national magazines to let potential visitors know why they should plan to come to this region with their friends and family. Attendance at vacation oriented tradeshows, like the Fred Hall Shows in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Sacramento, will help this region compete with other popular vacation destinations. Money needs to be set aside for booth rentals, travel expenses and all other promotional materials.

To compete with other popular tourism destinations in California and throughout the western United States, a television media presence is necessary. All of these important promotional elements cost money.

But finances are only a part of the picture. Your participation is important to bring in fresh ideas, organizational talent and a different point of view. The old the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” can be adapted to "It takes a village to successfully promote a community". We all have an investment in this region, whether it be a business, a home, a vacation getaway or a place to play. Let's work together and have some fun!

Become one of the community leaders behind the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau and work to make your experience and those of others, a most memorablel one!

The membership structure has been set up as follows:
  • One Business $100
  • Two Businesses under same ownership $175
  • Three Businesses under same ownership $250
  • Individual  $  25
  • Brochure and website participation without joining - $50

There are many beautiful backcountry lakes in the Sierra National Forest.
Bouncing along on a towable tube is exciting for kids of all ages.
Catching trout is why many visitors flock to the Shaver Lake Region.