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Mountain Press

Mountain Press Times Cover

Established in 1974 by Mike and Lorraine O’Halloren, the Mountain Press newspaper was purchased in 1978 by Prather, CA, residents Homer and Marceline Scott as “an investment.” And what an investment it turned out to be! At the time Homer worked in insurance, mutual funds and real estate, but he ended up putting a lot more work into his new purchase than he had originally intended to and eventually it became his primary source of income.

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Shaver Lake Times

Shaver Lake Times Cover

While you are in the region, get yourself a “Free” copy of the Shaver Lake Times Newspaper. It is filled with great articles concerning the many activities you can enjoy.

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China Peak Times

China Peak is quite possibly the best kept secret in the Sierra. It is a fact it is the only Central Sierra resort on the west slope offering terrain, acreage and elevations comparable to Tahoe ski resorts. Many avid Bay and Central Coastal area winter enthusiasts have already made the switch. Waiting for them is a family-friendly atmosphere and smaller crowds. Shorter lift lines allow more actual skiing and boarding. Perhaps just as important, they like the idea of a less time consuming drive to and from the region as well.
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Shaver Lake Realtor Times

Local Publications

Welcome to our real estate magazine. More than just property pages because we believe every cabin has a story. Our magazine is a celebration of the threads that weave together the fabric of our community. From local events to stories of the people and families who live and vacation here. Here we share tales of love, adventure and cherished memories.